We automate your lead generation system with targeted direct messages.
No paid ads needed. No more cold calls.

Save ad budget

Our solutions use targeted direct messaging on LinkedIn and email. You make huge savings on paid ad campaigns.

Only warm calls

Your sales team only gets contacts that have shown an interest in your offer. No more cold calls.

Talk to decision makers

By targeting your ideal audience, we generate calls with worthy prospects only.


Most businesses generate leads either through their personal network or by cold calling. While these two approaches can work, it is terribly time-consuming. Using an automated lead generation system will increase your reach exponentially.

New leads every week

The targeting and reach you get with an automated system allows you to systematically fill your sales team agenda with prospective calls.

Save huge amounts of time

Your sales team can now focus on following up on existing clients and prospects by freeing up time they previously spent cold calling.

70% open rate

Combining accurate targeting, appropriate offer and dynamic copywriting, our messaging campaigns averages 70% open rate.

LinkedIn targeting, paired with
unparalleled Emailing open rates

Time and again, direct messages have been our most successful source of B2B leads.
This is why LinkedIn messages and e-mails are now the starting point of each of our campaigns.

🤖 LinkedIn Targeting & Automation

LinkedIn allows us to find your target market with a precision unrivaled on any other platform. We then use automated tools to connect with them and engage with the decision maker. Expect a 25% reply rate.

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💌 Cold Emailing

Based on LinkedIn data and a few tricks we have up our sleeves, we are able to gather highly qualified email addresses. Thanks to the relevant and personalised offer, we then send them, open rated reach 70% and interaction rates reach 15%.

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👉 Custom-made demo

Fill in the form and get insights about your target market size
and a simulation of your next campaign based on your industry and offer.

Our packages

Everything you need to start generating leads is included in our packages


No ad budget needed!

€ 3000/
1000 prospected accounts
  • Online workshop
  • Audience segmentation
  • Copywriting
  • Cold emailing
  • A/B testing
  • Analysis & optimisation
  • Performance board
  • Weekly call
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Comprehensive marketing strategy

/On demand
  • Everything in the Starter pack
  • Sales funnel
  • Paid ad campaigns
  • Lead nurturing automation
  • Analysis & Optimisation
  • Performance board
  • Weekly call
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